• Welcome to CARD!
    Welcome to CARD!

    CARD provides emergency preparedness and disaster response resources for nonprofits, faith organizations and community agencies serving our most vulnerable residents. If you’re looking to make preparedness fast, fun, fear-free and easy, CARD can help!

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  • Taking It on the Road
    Taking It on the Road

    Executive Director, Ana-Marie Jones, spreads the message of fear-free preparedness with audiences across the country. From traditional emergency management to local agencies, we are transforming the conversation about preparedness.

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  • Community

    CARD actively participates in community health and safety fairs with our fun and engaging presentations. We love to see how empowered people become when we give them a whistle or mini-flashlight, or share how to use their cell phone as a preparedness tool!

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  • A Diverse County
    A Diverse County

    CARD serves all types of nonprofits and faith based agencies in Alameda County. No other county faces such a wide range of preparedness needs, including urban, suburban and rural communities made of a myriad of distinctive groups. We are committed to meeting the needs of all populations, helping others do the same. 

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  • National Recognition
    National Recognition

    We are honored to have our very own Executive Director, Ana-Marie Jones, featured in a recent FEMA publication! Through her tireless work for twenty years, she is changing the course of the national preparedness discussion.


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FEMA Recognizes CARD

AMJ FEMA Article 

Check out CARD Executive Director Ana-Marie Jones' interview in a recent FEMA publication!

Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice


CARD is a nonprofit agency, based in Oakland California. We were created by local nonprofit agencies to address the preparedness and response needs of service providers — whose consumers are among the most vulnerable people in any community.

The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake demonstrated what is now familiar: that despite great effort and billions of dollars invested, traditional disaster response agencies simply cannot address all of the emergency preparedness, planning and response needs of our increasingly diverse society.