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Check out CARD Executive Director Ana-Marie Jones' interview in a recent FEMA publication!

Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice



Fear-free preparedness

for Alameda County and beyond


About Us

About Us

CARD is a nonprofit agency based in Oakland, CA, created in the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake to address the preparedness and response needs of nonprofits, faith agencies, and the diverse communities they serve.

CARD leads and champions the use of fear-free preparedness and actively seeks to end the use of the threat of disasters as the motivation for emergency preparedness. Instead, we have created and embraced a “Prepare to Prosper” curriculum and philosophy. We create culturally appropriate and sustainable tools and tailor our classes, trainings, and presentations to the specific needs of the community.

CARD complements traditional disaster response agencies by providing safe, accessible, emergency services tools and programs designed for nonprofits, faith agencies, service providers, and the communities they serve.

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