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Check out CARD Executive Director Ana-Marie Jones' interview in a recent FEMA publication!

Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice



Fear-free preparedness

for Alameda County and beyond


Board and Staff

Board and Staff

CARD’s Board of Directors

  • Rocky Saunders


CARD’s Staff

AMJ1HeadShot032513 Ana-Marie Jones
Executive Director


Preparedness tip: "EVERYONE should accessorize for safety and readiness! Simple everyday choices can leave you walking the world feel prepared to prosper in any situation. Personally, I like preparedness jewelry and knowing how to use any and everything I wear or carry with me. I can MacGyver anything!"

Fola.SawyerFola Sawyer, MBA 
Finance & HR Manager

Preparedness tip: “Exercizing is a lifestyle. Being fit will equip you to move quickly into a safe place when there is a disaster. As the person responsible for CARD's finances, my tip is to back up your accounting software on a flash drive and/or in the cloud.”

LEH-Mini Lars Eric Holm
Office Manager & IT Specialist


Preparedness tip: "Pre-programming your cell phone with contact numbers and information! This comes up, at least briefly, in nearly every training I do, and the folks I train all feel this is an easy way to leverage a ubiquitous bit of technology into an awesome preparedness tool."

Mode Web Photo1 Mode Bamaca
Community Educator - Spanish Speaking Communities

Preparedness tip: For me, as a single mom, I always try to put all my information together so that if I am away from home or from my child, my daughter has all the details needed to care for her, like medical info, contact information, etc. She has these details in her backpack, at school and at home.

victoria head shot Victoria Perez
Community Educator

Preparedness tip: "Mylar blankets, with the warmth and protection they provide - have saved my life through the rain, wind, and cold nights when stuck outside. The most amazing part of the Mylar blanket is that it is see through. :)"