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Check out CARD Executive Director Ana-Marie Jones' interview in a recent FEMA publication!

Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice



Fear-free preparedness

for Alameda County and beyond


How CARD Can Help

How CARD Can Help

CARD has won local, national, and international recognition and awards for our successes in training, coordinating, and uniting communities.

CARD can help you:

  • Move beyond fear, threat, and disempowering messages
  • Become prepared and ready to respond at little cost
  • Feel secure in the knowledge that your community can carry on even after a disaster
  • Meet public and private funder requirements of having a disaster plan in place
  • Network and build stronger relations with other agencies and the emergency response community
  • Empower your staff and volunteers to walk the world feeling safe and more prepared
  • Understand—in simple terms—the sometimes complex issues related to disaster response, terrorism, and government operations


CARD can help:

  • Community service providers by offering empowering, cost-effective training that allows them to keep their consumers and staff safe, and understand how to keep their businesses open and operating after a disaster
  • Special needs communities by creating a safety net of their trained and trusted services agencies
  • Government by connecting all parts of our community for a united response
  • Traditional emergency responders by training the community to work in partnership with police, fire, Office of Emergency Services (OES), and other disaster service agencies
  • Businesses by strengthening the resilience of service providers such as childcare, eldercare, or other critical components of a strong, thriving business community
  • Faith-based organizations by helping them provide support, information and guidance to their congregants in times of disaster
  • Foundations and corporate sponsors by helping secure their investments in agencies and the vulnerable communities they support
  • The general public by creating an easy way for all people to fully participate in preparedness and response, in their own way