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What can CARD do for you?

Training for your organization and community



CARD provides emergency preparedness and disaster response training that empowers nonprofits, businesses and faith-based organizations to work with government and each other in serving clients with special needs. Please contact the CARD office by email or call 510-451-3140 to arrange for CARD trainers to work with your organization.

Training modules include:

Agency Emergency Planning

In straightforward and inexpensive steps, this course helps you develop, update and maintain an Emergency Plan tailored to your individual agency and designed to work in harmony with other community agencies and the overall emergency response structure. Participants receive a basic plan template and learn simple action steps to complete and customize it to their particular needs.

Incident Command System (ICS) for Community Responders

This is the most user-friendly, easily-understood training available on responding to emergencies and managing disasters in California.  This training gives the basic information without extra acronyms or unnecessary complexities, and leaves participants able to mobilize their own response operations.  Participants receive a simple clipboard and name-tag system that clearly outlines disaster roles and responsibilities.

Self and Home Preparedness

This is a very personal look at preparedness, designed to address fears and move past barriers, and is tailored to individual needs of participants.  Help employees, volunteers, or community members feel secure in their ability to deal effectively with emergencies, learn simple response skills, and feel safer – at home, at work or on the road.

SKIP Kits and Everyday Preparedness Tools

SKIP (Safety Kept In Place) Kits let you keep a few simple, extremely helpful items in a convenient location.  These basic items can let you be more prepared without spending a fortune.  Practice your creative thinking skills to learn how to be resourceful with everyday resources.

Preparedness for the LGBT Community

Due to stigma and discrimination, as well as the unique threats to the community, there are specific steps that need to be taken to ensure that LGBT communities are prepared for emergencies. This interactive course will address these issues, as well as general emergency preparedness. A special focus on youth and senior needs will be included. Organizations serving this community will learn how to incorporate preparedness and response into their advocacy, programs, general operations, and fundraising strategies. This is an ideal course for advocates, activist, allies, and people within the LGBT community.

COOP - Continuity of Operations Planning

Increasing an organization’s capacity to deliver services and recover their operations in a serious emergency is the focus of this training and planning module. As part of the process, agencies will develop their knowledge and confidence in using CARD’s mission-centered ICS for Community Responders to empower staff and volunteers. Recognizing mission-critical functions and fully understanding their importance, both pre- and post-disaster, is an important step agencies take in successful planning for continuity of operations. Following a serious incident, seamless communications between the community agency and those they serve, agency staff and volunteers, and county agencies is essential for mission continuity! To this end, CARD will help participating agencies develop redundant communications tools and work with them to “flex their communications muscle” during exercises.

Other Training

We are happy to create a package that is tailored to your organization’s needs. We are always coming up with new training options too, so please check back here frequently!