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Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

CARD has developed a number of tools and resources to make preparing your organization, community or family faster and easier! Here we have collected dozens of tools to help you plan your preparedness, share it with others, and get more information. We also have links to important resources and research that support the fear-free preparedness movement.

Agency Emergency Plan Template:

Use this straightforward tool to develop a plan for your organization.

COOP/Mission Continuity Questionnaire:

Use this tool to help you move forward with creating your agency Continuity of Operations Plan.

Safety Signage:

Use these signs to label important locations and take the guesswork out of safety! Even visitors to your location should be able to do the right thing in an emergency if you’ve helped them by making safety part of your design.

Potty Posters:

These posters are meant to educate and inform people wherever they congregate or spend time. Whether you post them in bathroom stalls or over the water cooler, you can help educate and prepare almost any captive audience.

Nudge Notices:

Encourage better group and public behavior with these notices designed to give people a little “nudge” into doing things that help keep people healthy. These signs are named as a tip of the hat to the excellent book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness” by Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler.


Check out our videos that make emergency preparedness fun!

Research Corner:

Dig a little deeper with these white papers addressing a number of emergency preparedness topics.

Useful Links:

There are many more resources out there and here are a number of links that we think you might find useful!

STAT Messages:

Easy to share, STAT messages are bite sized chunks of preparedness that you can take on, STAT!


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