FEMA Recognizes CARD

AMJ FEMA Article 

Check out CARD Executive Director Ana-Marie Jones' interview in a recent FEMA publication!

Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice



Preparedness in your hands

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Potty Posters

Print out and place these tools anywhere you have a captive audience. We like to call them Potty Posters (because it’s a universal truth that most people will read whatever you post in the restroom), but you can use them anywhere!  [All files are PDF -- get Adobe Reader here]

An explanation of the Potty Training Initiative

Prepare the Ones You Love! Information on preparing seniors and children.

Parents-1  Seniors

Personal Preparedness for Parents & Caregivers
Personal Preparedness for Seniors

Learn the right way – and right time – to Shut Off Gas. [or add your name and logo!]

Learn how using simple Color-Coding is a powerful preparedness strategy.En Español tambien! or add your name and logo!

A simple guide to Sheltering-in-Place [or add your name and logo!]

Quick Tips for a Flashlight and Whistle [or add your name and logo!]

A reminder to Please Wash Your Hands [or add your name and logo!]

During flu season especially, please Don’t Spread Germs [or add your name and logo!]

Also during flu season you can Make Your Desk Flu-Prepared [or add your name and logo!]

An example of how you can Map Your Way to Safety [or add your name and logo!]

Always know where you are when you Program your phone to be your GREATEST safety tool!